A six-kilometer monster crawls on Mars

A resident of the United Kingdom recently considered
pictures of the Red Planet and quite unexpectedly noticed on one of
The satellite photo is something astounding.

According to the British, Mars is dead or alive
a creature of colossal size. The author of the finding determined that the length
This creature, resembling a giant sperm cell, should be
not less than 6 kilometers!

If you look at this image fragment more closely,
it is possible to distinguish the combined head and torso of this alien
creation. His eyes, nose and open mouth are clearly visible;
discern something like a fin in the lower part of this monster’s belly.
However, the striking thing is the long, thin tail of the creature,
getting thinner at the end and being lost somewhere in
martian sand.

But what is so strange about crawling on Mars?

Many Internet users report that this monster
somewhat reminiscent of Xai-Hulud – worms from the Chronicles
Dunes”. These fictional huge monsters live in the sand and emerge
to the surface to feast on deserted travelers. Maybe on
The red planet has similar creatures, and these are the remains of one of
them? Or maybe it’s not organic at all, but someone’s interplanetary
ship wrecked on mars? True, on the ship this
giant sperm resemble the least.

As for skeptics, in their opinion, this is a major
funnel, from which once flowed water, or fancy
weathered rock. Maybe it is so, who will act as an arbiter in this
already a long-standing dispute – is there life on Mars or not? NASA staff,
whose photos and virtual archeologists use in search
evidence of Martian life, no longer interfere in such
discussions, and there was a time (it seems, yesterday), when they
responded to every such find on Mars. It was beautiful

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