Americans visited Mars back in 1979

US citizen who wished to stay for obvious reasons
anonymous, told the world community something amazing.
A woman reports that she worked in her time in the American
the national space agency and witnessed the landing
astronauts to mars. According to her, it happened in 1979. Such
the revelation an unknown American woman made the other day on the air
“Coast to Coast” radio station dedicated to supernatural

A woman who introduced herself only in Jackie’s name told the audience
that with my own eyes I saw two astronauts on the video,
received from the Red Planet by the Viking-2 space probe. Besides
Our heroine, this entry was seen by six more of her colleagues who did not have
Higher access to NASA information. It happened completely
by chance, and higher-level scientists immediately asked for unwanted
eyewitnesses to leave the premises. After that, no one this movie is not
saw. But Jackie remembers very well how a couple people in American
space suits stood right on the surface of the Red Planet.
Subsequently, the authorities unequivocally hinted Jackie and her
to colleagues, that they should not tell anyone about what they saw,
hinting at serious responsibility for the disclosure of secrets.

Information that Americans flew to Mars in 1979,
lightning spread over the World Wide Web. There were even
users who have written to nasa with the requirement
comment on these rumors. While the answer from the agency has not been received
and, as they say, conspiracy theorists, hardly anyone will wait for this.

Recall that there is a popular conspiracy theory,
according to which the United States sent people to the 60s
Mars, and the Apollo program was not organized at all for landing
astronauts to the moon, and for a comprehensive study of the solar

However, there is another, equally common theory that
Americans have never flown anywhere, and all these hoaxes,
like today’s stuffing on behalf of Jackie, a planned policy
�”Space” sawing the state budget. Like when
Americans’ faith diminishes in their comic achievements, without fail
there is such information that “reveals” the sacrament,
where do taxpayers fly? And all remain
contented because such rumors confirm: Americans
ahead of the rest …

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