“Angel” in orbit of the Earth

Photo from open sources

NASA Photo Researcher Sure There are More Than Two decades NASA adjusts its images, glossing over them unusual phenomena caught in the frame. To prove this, he cites two identical images of NASA. One of them shows a strange the white “something” soars in the orbit of the planet. This image was found on the site of one of the researchers, who have been collecting archive for 15 years interesting photos of NASA.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

The second shot is taken from NASA’s official website and white on it. education is gone. The date of both pictures is 1969. First photo also Compared with the second, it is brighter and sharper in terms of color rendition. The researcher believes that the picture was specially made more cloudy, so as not to show which in real NASA could do high-quality frames.

NASA Angels

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