British pilots report flying in the sky man

British pilots report a man flying in the skyA photo from open sources

Pilots of a passenger plane were perplexed when they saw at an altitude of 1 km. over the city of Mucklesfield a man flying through the sky, reports the Daily Mail. This incident occurred in the second half Day July 13, 2014.

According to a source, the Airbus 320 landed in Manchester airport when pilots spotted a “flying man” in 100 meters from the liner. Pilots at first thought that someone was flying paraglider, but then they realized that there was no dome above it.

The report also says that everything was clean on the radar, i.e. for unknown reasons, he did not register flying next to a plane object that pilots themselves allegedly saw their own eyes.

UK UK Airprox Board Service, which deals with investigations of situations threatening the safety of aircraft in held trial on the incident, but never was able to establish that or whom the pilots of the liner were met in the sky Airbus 320.

The investigation found that at the time of the incident, there were no paratroopers in this area of ​​airspace, paragliders and balloonists.

According to Macclesfield Express, the British Association hang gliding and paragliding stated that on the day of the incident weather conditions were unfavorable for flights. The end result due to lack of information, UK Airprox Board was forced to classify the object seen by pilots in the month of June as UFO.


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