Artificial mountain discovered on Mercury

The planet nearest to the Sun has not attracted Mercury for a long time.
attention ufologists, because it was believed that it certainly did not
there can be a life, especially a reasonable one. However, now this
the celestial body of our SS became increasingly in sight
independent space explorers.

And not even because at the moment Mercury is intensely
experts are studying the same NASA or the European space
agencies, just attitude to the first planet of our solar
The system began to change. But if scientists are haunted by some
the mysteries of Mercury, for example, where does the atmosphere come from, which
due to low gravity, the nature of its origin is immediately lost
long (23 thousand kilometers) cosmic hydrogen plume,
well and so on, then ufologists easily explain it now by the presence on
of this civilization planets.

In support of their guesses (for now this is nothing more than
assumptions, by the way, are even less convincing than about civilization on
Mars) virtual archaeologists, such as Scott Waring, recently
time on the pictures sent by the Messenger spacecraft, with
with surprising periodicity began to find traces of the Mercurians.
First, a Taiwanese explorer discovered a tower on Mercury (
whether aliens, or aboriginal planets), then the statue of the praying
humanoid, and at the beginning of this year for the court of ufologists was already pulled out
artificially created mountain.

As Waring says (and many other reputable
ufologists, say, George Graham), such a mountain simply can not be
created by nature, which “does not tolerate” rectangular constructions. BUT
if you look at this anomaly of Mercury, then on top of it you can see
notches with right angles. Where are they from?

Unfortunately, as independent cosmic researchers believe, all
the main secrets Mercury keeps on its reverse side, which
not visible from Earth, and therefore almost unexplored. Among
amateur astronomers have supporters of the so-called theory
universal intelligent life in the universe, according to which,
only all the planets and even the stars are inhabited. Another thing,
what form of life develops on them depending on local
conditions Naturally, for a biological life like ours,
approximately earthly conditions are needed, which is why scientists are looking for brothers
mind only on exoplanets, however, Mercury can be quite
another in its essence civilization. And yet, she may well
affect the physical environment, leaving traces, say, in the form
same mountain with rectangular constructions on top, not
characteristic of nature.

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