Asteroid the size of a Cheops pyramid is approaching to earth

An asteroid the size of a Cheops pyramid approaching EarthA photo from open sources

Asteroid designated by scientists as “potentially dangerous” and by exceeding the size of the Cheops pyramid, will approach the Earth in end of august. It is reported by NASA.

This asteroid with a code designation 2019 OU1 has a girth of 160 meters, that is, even more than the largest pyramid of Giza.

On August 28, this space object will be closer to ours planet 40 times than the planet Venus. Approaching Earth on the closest distance is about one million kilometers, the asteroid will begin to move away.

Most recently, experts from the European Space Agency (ESA) updated the list of facilities that may pose a potential danger to our planet.

When the next asteroid arrives

With the next “potentially dangerous” object, 2006QV89 is expected “meeting” on September 9, 2019. Now this space object It is 6.7 million kilometers from Earth. “One a chance of seven thousand “is the probability of a collision with the Earth, which scientists have previously calculated.

The first in the list of potentially dangerous objects is an asteroid 2010RF12, which according to experts will pass rapprochement with our planet in, relatively distant, 2095. This object has probability of collision with the Earth – one chance out of 16.

However, our astronomers should not relax, as in space there are objects that did not come out of the shadows and did not visible to astronomers. There were times when humanity only after the passage of a hazardous facility was notified of an event. It turned out that scientists simply did not notice them.

Andrey Vetrov


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