Asteroids that really threaten Earth

Space “guests” in the form of large asteroids are constantly threatened
Because they can not only destroy, say, even the most
a huge metropolis, but also to change the climate on our planet, and even
does lead to the disappearance of all living things on it.

Among the most dangerous for us asteroids are astronomers,
first, the celestial body, codenamed LF16, which can
collide with the Earth on August 8, 2023. This boulder in two
times larger in diameter than the height of the Statue of Liberty, now
time she flies in space at a speed of fifteen kilometers in
second, inexorably approaching us. In the event of her collision, this
will be a disaster commensurate with the explosion of Tsar-Bomba – the most powerful
earth nuclear charge. Of course, this is not a planetary catastrophe, and

Another asteroid dangerous to the Earth is a rock block in
twice the size of England’s Blackpool Tower, this cosmic
�American astronomers conditionally called the “gift” WO15. Most
its probable collision with the Earth is December 26, 2091. Thats
there is, to the bulk of people living in the present, it seems to be
not a threat, of course, if you do not take into account reincarnation, then
there is an opportunity for each of us to be in that not so much
the distant future is just another embodiment.

True, American scientists do not rule out a collision with WO15 and in
earlier terms, although it is unlikely, but the designated 2091
a year can be really disastrous.

All in all, astronomers of the world call more than sixty probable
dates when Earth is facing a space attack. However, this is all
forecasts, however, for the near future. What is humanity waiting for
for example, in the next century, even “clairvoyant” astronomers are unknown.
Although, perhaps, by that time, mankind will learn to deal with
similar cosmic danger.

Ufologists, for example, are convinced that the fears of astronomers
baseless if only because the Earth is under protection
aliens. This is supposedly proven by careful study of the Tunguska
and Chelyabinsk meteorites, which were, firstly, redirected,
so that they do not fall on major cities (St. Petersburg and Chelyabinsk),
and secondly, neutralized even in the atmosphere, due to which the damage to the Earth
from them was minimal. The question is, who did all this? ..

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