Earth from the spacecraft porthole

Each of us has the opportunity to look at our Earth.
from the porthole of the spacecraft. What a sin to conceal, probably
each person is interested in how astronauts see our planet with
board its spacecraft. Well, now it is easy
present thanks to a unique video.

It was filmed by Blue Origin private space company using
camera installed on the ship New Shepard, which successfully
started from the site in Texas and also successfully returned from space,
having completed your planned experimental flight.

There were no people aboard the ship – only an impassive dummy and
necessary equipment, including a video camera. At a height of 76
kilometers there was a separation of the capsule from the rocket, after which they
individually already climbed almost 100 kilometers above the level
sea, and then began to decline.

The capsule went down on two huge parachutes with the included
brake motor, but the rocket returned to Earth on
own engines without using any other

Due to the fact that everything went without a hitch, the company
was able to boast of her new achievements in space exploration,
and send warm greetings to all earthlings in the form of this unique
video, which shows in 11 minutes, what it looks like
our blue planet from the porthole of this cosmic

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