Earth has already entered the asteroid cloud

As we wrote in the second half of September, our Earth is entering
into the asteroid cloud, as evidenced by the approaching us
a rather large space object codenamed 2012 TC4,
the rapprochement of which with the planet is expected on October 12. And so huge
an asteroid, as astronomers say, may well “drag”
a whole cloud of various largest cosmic debris.

Since 2012 TC4 is already on the approach, it can be stated that it has entered
Does our Earth in this asteroid cloud? Apparently – yes. Let’s start
from the fact that September 26 in the United States fell quite large
meteorite that reached the surface and shook it so that
The US Geological Survey confused it with an earthquake, fixing
push magnitude 2.6 points on the Richter scale.

The other day, another car hit the American continent, calling in
The state of New Hampshire forest fires that rage so far. But oh
the reasons for their media are modestly silent, as if to report it
the general public is a crime against humanity.

Finally, on October 4 during the national holiday of Autumn
China, millions of people have witnessed, as in the sky over the province
Shangri-La exploded another huge meteorite. There are newspapers and
TV channels simply could not remain silent. And even NASA determined that
This car caused a flash comparable to an explosion power of 540.
tons of TNT.

As independent researchers say, three large space
object that fell to Earth in such a short time, it is no longer
an accident, but the confirmation that our planet has entered the cloud
asteroids. It now remains to wait for the most important “culprit
Celebrations “- 2012 TC4, which is a thousand times more famous
Chelyabinsk meteorite. Fly past the earth or not fly? But
the most interesting thing is that they don’t talk about it
NASA employees. As if nothing is happening. As suggested
conspiracy therapists, astronomers of the american space agency know
something more terrible and just lurking in anticipation. BUT
a report on the asteroid 2012 TC4 is given preventively – just in case
so that you can always explain any space
catastrophe. And it does not scare people in advance.

Well, we will and we hope for the best …

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