Fantastic riddles of Pluto

Fantastic riddles of PlutoPhotos from open sources of

Conspirologists wonder: why is Pluto, despite even looking at what was crossed out by astronomers from the planets of our solar systems, so attracted by the American space agency NASA, that a New Horizons probe was even sent there? But these are huge financial investments. The question is, what?

However, judging by the many shocking pictures that were obtained from Pluto, it really deserves attention, not only astronomers, but also supporters of intelligent life on other planets of our SS, ufologists, finally.

For example, the first to their surprise and joy found on Pluto of giant “space snails”, which, apparently, move around their home planet, not even knowing that it’s already not the planet of the solar system, but it is not known what. The fact is that for these strange creatures are left with wide traces, by which the entire surface of Pluto is torn. And although scientists immediately put forward his dry and not very plausible theory of internal nitrogen the ocean of the planet, which leaves such traces when melting, it’s few convinced. Huge snail-like crawling on Pluto monsters seem much more attractive to independent researchers.

However, Pluto surprised not only with “space snails”, ufologists, for example, overwhelmed by the fact that NASA, laying out in the public domain Internet a huge amount of high-quality photographs with this a mysterious planet, one area of ​​her “covered” with photographs minimum resolution. According to conspiracy theorists, Americans hide something again. At the request of netizens upload pictures normal quality, NASA refused, saying that there are none …

A photo from open sources

Photographers had to deal with poor quality images however when they managed “pull” out of them all that is possible, it turned out that NASA hid huge ring structures located on this territory of Pluto obviously not of natural origin. Ufologists believe that this or city, or a colossal base of aliens.

It seems that such a find should please the real space scientists who NASA scientists are impersonating the world sensation! But no, again, omissions, secrets, concealment and other nonsense, with which earthlings, apparently, still do not get very ill long…

NASA Pluto Solar System

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