Giant asteroid can destroy Mars

Asteroid 2015 UM67, discovered by Russian scientists, threatens
destroy the red planet because it is huge and passes through
Mars orbit, which increases the likelihood of these two collisions
comic tel.

It clarifies the publication ToDo News Ufa, the diameter of the asteroid is almost
kilometer, and it weighs one hundred and fifty million tons. For comparison –
Chelyabinsk meteorite was only 20 meters in diameter. Besides
the atmosphere of Mars is rarefied, in it the asteroid will not burn even partially.
It is worth considering the fact that the Red Planet by mass is ten times smaller
Of the Earth, and therefore such a blow from space can result in a huge
a disaster.

Unfortunately, the asteroid 2015 UM67 passes through the Earth’s orbit. AT
In any case, it represents a serious danger to us, and
even if it collides not with ours, but with the Red
the planet.

According to one of the theories of Mars researchers, there is no time
there was a civilization (at least biological life),
which was destroyed by the fall of a huge asteroid,
however, even in the case, scientists believe, he was significantly
less than 2015 UM67 …

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