Giant shells found on Mars

Famous Taiwanese ufologist, virtual archaeologist and conspirologist
Scott Waring shared a few with Internet users
curious photos. Mysterious shots show huge
shells of various shapes, found by a specialist in Mars ps.
Do giant clams once lived on the Red Planet?
other invertebrates? The author of these findings also suggests that
we can talk about strange sculptures.

According to Scott, such discoveries have long ceased to impress
him. The researcher is convinced that on the surface of Mars
scattered thousands of fossilized shells, sculptures and other attributes
former life on the Red Planet. Not long ago, NASA scientists just
reluctantly admitted that there were once oceans on Mars, as now
Earth Therefore, shells found by a ufologist may be the best.
evidence of the presence of marine life there, albeit in the distant
the past.

Clarify that Waring, according to his words, has repeatedly written
Representatives of the US National Space Agency
his findings, however, his messages were invariably ignored and
ignored so far. Probably people of official science are not too
seek to convey to the world community the truth about Mars, and
independent researchers at all times just annoyed
Orthodox – ministers are not science, and those in power …

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