Hubble telescope showed the “smile of the universe”

Smile of the Universe, and the Universe will certainly smile at you in
the answer, sometimes almost literally. But for that you must have
access to one of the most advanced automatic observatories on
orbit our planet.

The Hubble Space Telescope, owned by NASA scientists and
European Space Agency, unexpectedly captures the trinity
galaxies that now look from the earth just like a smiling
face. Such a “cosmic smiley” surprised researchers a lot, and
they were quick to publish his image on the World Wide Web.

Of course, such a strange image in deep space is impossible
was overlooked. Experts are especially pleased about this, since
Recently, the 28-year-old Hubble is increasingly faltering due to its
solid age. So, recently at the observatory out of order
gyros, thanks to which the telescope stopped working for several
weeks before the broken parts were replaced with new ones.

Scientists say that the “face” appeared in a cluster of galaxies
codenamed SDSS J0952 + 3434. �”Smiley” is fancy
the play of light and gravity. Two shining yellow galaxies formed
a kind of eye, while the twisted galaxy is lower
turned into a kind of arc, resembling a smiling mouth.

In fact, the lower galaxy is also flat, however
because of the optical effect called gravitational lensing
she visually arched. The light emitted by it passed on its way to us.
past a large celestial body whose gravitational field has distorted

Even if this image is not supernatural,
experts say, it’s still a real miracle. Light from
distant galaxies went to us for thousands of years to acquire in the end
so amazing view, having pleased and touched us with his universal

By the way, we note that the Hubble telescope captures the “smile of the universe”
not for the first time, but every time it still surprises and touches
astronomers and other space explorers …

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