Moon – man-made satellite of the Earth

�”Yuyang Zazzu” – a collection of ancient Chinese legends and legends of time
Tang Dynasty. It can be read, as during the reign
Wen-zong (809–840) Zheng Zhenben and Wang Xiucai brothers
got lost traveling on Mount Songshan. Having met soon
a commoner resting near a tree, they asked for directions.
out of courtesy, they asked where he was from.

And the man told the brothers that he was one of 82 thousand families,
who created the moon. More than that, he told his inadvertent
oncoming, that the moon does not shine itself, but only reflects the light of the sun.
After these strange words, the man just disappeared, quite surprised
brothers …

The question is, where from 1100 years ago, when this
compilation, the author of this legend knew about what constitutes
The moon, that its light is only a reflection of the sunshine?

However, everything falls into place if you turn to another
Chinese legend told by an old monk. According to his
Thousands of years ago, he lived on Earth
in another embodiment. And while civilization on the planet reached
such heights that people thought about creating artificial
satellite, in order to illuminate the Earth at night. And for this project –
the construction of the moon – thousands of engineers and builders were involved,
and the monk was one of these engineers at the time.

They first built a core consisting of many special
mechanisms and power devices. Then they created a shell, that is
an outer layer of platinum metal several thick
kilometers There is a void between the core and this shell. Moon
was designed so that she looked at the Earth all the time
one side, and this side of it was specially polished,
to better reflect the sunlight.

The whole world solemnly celebrated the launch of the moon into orbit,
and its creators themselves became respected people of the Earth. Unfortunately, that
a highly developed civilization, the monk narrates further, more and more
plunged into indulging in people’s whims, in debauchery, which led to
its moral decline, and then to physical death. And all
returned to the primitive ranks. Вот только Moon и осталась…

Современные независимые ученые утверждают, что Moon на самом
business – artificial creation. And there are undeniable facts:

  • the ratio of the diameters of the moon and the sun, as well as the ratio
    расстояний между Земля-Moon и Земля-Солнце одно и тоже — 1/395, за
    Due to which the dimensions of the satellite and the Luminary visually seem the same.
    Such a phenomenon in the form of cosmic chance simply cannot
    be, yes, it is not observed anywhere by astronomers;
  • Moon на самом деле фантастическим образом повернута к Земле
    always one side, and this side of it is much smoother than
    the opposite is again an unreal “accident”;
  • the orbits of the natural satellites of the planets are elliptical, and the orbit
    The moon is round;
  • Moon полая, она «звенит, как колокол во время лунотрясений, это
    recorded by NASA staff in 2006 during a study

It would seem, everything is clear – our “natural satellite” turned out to be
man-made. That’s just even independent researchers who are sure
in this one hundred percent, can not come to a common opinion – who created
The moon: earthlings themselves, being in the distant past highly developed
civilization, or aliens, who allegedly “dragged” it from
your star system for some experiments on Earth? The thing is
that legends cannot serve as scientific evidence at best
case they reflect real events, only when and how
they happened, who participated in them – this is another question. Especially
real evidence in this case can only be
Moon, до которой мы пока никак не доберемся. Although still unknown
will they let us on her, say, those who serve this complex

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