Mysterious orange cloud enveloped the ISS

Ufologists are closely watching the ISS, the benefit of it installed
webcams to keep abreast of events: who flies to
stations, who is watching her and so on. Unless, of course, employees
NASA will not cut down the camera as they like to do it when they smell

One such meticulous researchers of the entire paranormal and
prolific to various sensations is George Graham,
positioning itself on the YouTube hosting under the nickname Streetcap1. AT
this time he pleased his fans (subscribers to the channel
ufologist, of which more than 77 thousand) new find, which concerns both
times ISS.

AT какой-то момент станцию вдруг окутал дымкой фантастический
orange fog (cloud), and it was so dense that
because of it, the conventional wing of the ISS solar battery was not visible.

Notice, George writes in a small commentary on the video,
the fog gradually dissipates, and soon everything returns to normal. TO
Unfortunately, the camera is too narrow, it does not allow
consider other parts of the space station, and therefore impossible
even judge the spread of this orange cloud, not
to mention the identification of what it is all about …

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