Mysterious triangle discovered on Mars

Virtual archaeologists have discovered in the pictures of the surface of the Red
planets mysterious triangular structure that immediately seemed
they are unusual. Experts are convinced that this is a man-made structure,
erected by Martians or representatives of other extraterrestrial

Here is how the author directly comments on the find:

I have no doubt that Mars is located
suspiciously even triangle. He clearly does not fit into the landscape
Red Planet. This structure is located right in the large
crater, and this again tells us that someone specifically
built this facility there. But why? Maybe it’s about
cosmodrome aliens? Or about their base? I think these
NASA scientists should deal with issues, not enthusiasts like
me having almost no research resources. Or
let the Russians figure it out. I think modern
the space race will be won by the one who first gets
one hundred percent proof of the existence of intelligent life on others
the planets. And Mars in this regard is an excellent target for such

However, a triangle, as well as some kind of artificial sphere near
he, who was seen by other ufologists, is again seen by skeptics
only a paradolic illusion – they like this definition,
which, although nothing really explains, but puts some
points and seems to be closing any “Martian theme” raised not

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