NASA scientists promise: September 22 will come end of the world

Experts Expect Powerful Sun Flares That May Cause planetary catastrophe SUNNY IMPACT About the beginning of the End of the World in 2012, NASA warned humanity back in 2009. Then in April specialists of this department and the American Academy of Sciences (NAS), students of solar activity, published frightening their hopelessness report: “Threats of space weather: social and economic consequences. “Komsomolskaya Pravda then first unveiled sensation (see “KP” on the site here). The report scares scientists the impending global catastrophe that they expect from the Sun. By they said, flashes of unprecedented power in the luminary can lead to consequences comparable to a nuclear war or clash with an asteroid. And it will happen, according to forecasts, on Saturday 22 September What should happen? First, the light will be cut off. AND the planet will plunge into darkness. – sudden changes in Earth’s electromagnetic fields, caused by solar flares, induce strong direct current, – one of the authors of the report explained Professor Daniel Baker, a space weather expert from University of Colorado and Committee Head of the American Academy Sciences (NAS). – He is able to literally burn electrical networks, not designed for such loads. The most vulnerable elements are transformers. They quickly overheat and melt. Estimated experts, only in the USA 90 seconds after the impact 300 key transformers. And without electricity will remain more than 130 million people. Next will begin the so-called fan shutdowns. After all, energy networks on the continents are interconnected. Trains, elevators, industrial production stop, fall satellites, planes, water and heat supply stops. Leaking refrigerators. Radio is silent, TVs do not show, breaks off connection … the end. There is no light. And will not be.

A photo from open sources

The sun is still calm. But it can even rage. A photo: SPACE SCAN Fearing the development of such an eerie scenario, the Americans even launched in 2010 unique spacecraft in space – Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). He will follow the luminary for five years, continuously removing it and transferring 60 images per minute. Moreover, the quality of pictures in 10 times the amount that television today gives high clarity. Each image she transmits consists of 16 million pixels. And the data sent to the Earth every day, exceed “in weight” one and a half terabytes. About the same in 500 thousands of songs if you download them from the Internet. According to Liz Citrine, one of the project managers at NASA, specialists expect to get a complete picture of how distributed plasma flows, what is happening on the surface of the sun, and which are inside correspond to anomalies observed from the outside. In general, on the unit is tasked with helping people learn how to make forecasts sunny weather, predict powerful storms and storms. But until now day SDO “scares” nothing frightening. And so not yet warns people on Earth of an impending disaster. But ahead two more days. And as scientists, images and data assure, transmitted SDO will allow you to respond immediately. This will leave approximately 17 hours to turn off electrical substations and transfer satellites to standby. As a result, the damage can be reduced. But without light still have to sit. AND FANTASTS SCAR THE SUN At least in the two thrillers “Sign” and “2012” the luminary is source of global disasters. In the first film, the plasma inflated a luminous raging beyond measure, burns the Earth. In the second – causes powerful tectonic shifts, provoking destructive processes in the bowels. In the first case, it comes to full doomsday without any opportunity to be saved. In the second – to partial. SPECIALIST COMMENT Director Astronomical Observatory of the Irkutsk State University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergey Yazev: – Sergey Arkturovich, are you afraid of the NASA report? – I absolutely struck by this unprofessional forecast by NASA. No one in the world knows how to predict solar flares not only in three years, but even for a month. I myself have been dealing with outbreaks for quite some time. I … them observed himself through a telescope for a long time. Experience with I’m not bad. And then I can say, looking through a telescope, what can there will be a flash somewhere in an hour, and maybe – and will not. And even with my experience, I can’t say exactly about it. But in a month, in two months, in half a year and so on to predict – it’s easy rave. Moreover, now a very low level of solar activity. I confess that I, as a specialist, now looking there is just not interesting. There are groups in the luminaries spots, but they are small. And yesterday and today they gave three frail outbreaks.

A photo from open sources

Director of the Irkutsk Astronomical Observatory State University

Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences Sergey Yazev. A photo: – In two days some kind of form cannot be formed a huge number of spots that will give a powerful flash? -There have been times when a group of spots developed rapidly over day, two to very large values. But no one ever knows how predict these things. – Then, it turns out, the Americans are all come up with? “I’m at a loss.” No serious specialist the heliophysicist cannot agree with such a forecast. All forecasts that are, are confirmed. We see that the current cycle solar activity – the 24th – is very “low.” Stains in such the amount that happened in other cycles, no and, apparently, will not. Spot groups are medium in size. I can predict that the maximum of the current cycle will be very low and inexpressive. And it will last a year and a half. But he completely incomparable with the maximum of the 19th cycle in 1957. Then it’s just that there were more spots at times, there were powerful flashes. But all survived. – On Earth, this did not affect then? – All alive. – If nevertheless a cataclysm happens, we will remain without light? – In order for all this to happen, we need such powerful flashes, which we have almost never seen. Stronger flash of course there were, they were investigated, and I watched them. They caused strong magnetic storms. And there were even some glitches. But if you take a list of these failures when power transformers came out of failures, this is in the history of mankind only a few cases, and they local, not global. The famous case when in the province Quebec in Canada power transformer burned out due to too strong currents induced by particles arriving from the sun. The whole the province was de-energized for several hours. 1989 year. Survived. IN The 24th current cycle, I think, is an extremely unlikely situation. Sometimes it happens that during the decline of the cycle, individual groups of spots give out quite powerful flash. But this is a constant situation, none of over there. – Space technology flash can cut down? -When did you hear any satellites because of these reasons out of order? We have long learned how to make technology so that it does not reacted to outbreaks.

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