Near the Earth found a portal to other worlds.

It turns out that next to our planet there is a portal to other worlds.
It is absolutely tiny, as reported by the ToDay News Ufa publication, and therefore
travel through it will not work. However, the fact of
such a wormhole says a lot.

In the future, mankind will find the ones it needs (commensurate with
goals) similar portals and thus can
travel in the infinite space and time of the universe –
as easy and simple as aliens do today.

Recall that the great Einstein pointed out that the fabric
spaces are very unsteady, and therefore can be deformed, however,
this requires certain conditions, for example, the impact on
her powerful gravitational fields. As scientists have identified today, for
the curvature of space is enough even the gravity of our own
planets, even if it is not capable of producing huge “mole”
burrows. “

However, such portals can create stars and black holes, which
was confirmed a couple of years ago when astronomers observed a merger
two neutron stars that gave rise to such a gravitational
splash in space, that he felt even on Earth. So that
Earth’s future travels in the universe are not space flights.
ships in this unimaginably vast endless space as well
the use of wormholes, which will allow you to move to any
star systems – almost instantly.

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