On the moon, noticed the “humanoid face”

Many of us probably know the so-called Face of Mars,
captured in 1976 by NASA’s Viking-1 spacecraft.
Once a sensational snapshot clearly demonstrates a huge
humanoid face on the surface of the red planet.

Although it is still debated whether
it was a man-made statue or a bizarre optical illusion,
many ufologists are convinced: Mars face is reliable
evidence of reasonable presence on a distant heavenly body
of life.

Now, an anonymous amateur astronomer has discovered
image of a human head on the surface of the moon using
equipped with a camera telescope. On the resulting frame can be clearly
see the oval of the face, the eyes, the nose and the open mouth of the anthropomorphic
object. Some experts claim that this find
similar to the face of man, even more than the legendary face of Mars.

Well, skeptics, of course, say that we are talking about
paradolic illusion when our brain sees “faces” in random
objects and textures. They say that in primitive times this
the peculiarity of the brain allowed our distant ancestors to notice among
the greenness of predators and enemies, thereby saving from possible destruction. BUT
what is it for us? Maybe teaches to see more fully and multifacetedly.
the world around us, in which everything is not so simple and simple as
are materialists and impenetrable skeptics present to us? ..

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