�”Rover Martians” found on the Red Planet

Popular ufologist from Taiwan, Scott Waring, made another
potentially sensational statement. According to the enthusiast, he
looked at pictures of the Red Planet taken by an American rover
�”Curiosity”, and found on two of them incomprehensible little
an object that looks like … another rover.

It is unlikely that NASA’s specialists would conceal that
the robot is able to produce its own miniature copy for
microscopic study of the Martian soil. In this way,
Waring is convinced that before us is the rover of the “green men”, and his
The design is similar to the design of the famous “Curiosity”.

Skeptics, of course, claim that it’s about
ordinary paradolic illusion, and for the alien
mini rover ufologist took a cluster of bright bizarre stones
forms. It is believed that the human brain is constantly looking for friends
images and outlines in random objects, patterns and textures.

During his relatively long career as a ufologist and virtual
archaeologist Scott Waring discovered many dozens or even
hundreds of different anomalies and artifacts, allegedly indicating
the existence of intelligent life on the Red Planet. Of course, far
not everyone believes in the reality of such discoveries. In addition, all these
�“Martian sensations” for some reason do not find a lively response not
only in orthodox science, but even in serious independent

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