Scott Waring wants to sue NASA

Independent researchers, including the famous Taiwanese
ufologist Scott Waring, increasingly criticized the work of the world
space agencies and primarily NASA, which are constantly
do hoaxes, distort or hide data, especially
about aliens. For this reason, as the Daily Express writes,
Waring intends to sue the leadership of NASA.

It is not yet known whether any documents filed with the court.
Taiwanese ufologist, but his latest revelations lies
American space agency forced to doubt
NASA’s activities are already many independent researchers. For example,
after waring they unearthed a ton of evidence that
The international comic station is on Earth and everything there
happens – just a performance or a space show for earthlings,
another mystification of Americans like, say, with moon missions

However, conspiracy theorists assert that in all these hoaxes
blame some Americans and only NASA is not worth it, because if
take the same ISS – then this is an international project. If you turn to
to the lunar missions of the USA, then everyone knew about them thoroughly in the USSR, however
no one from the leadership of the Soviet Union for some reason did not oppose
such a blatant lie. The question is much more serious and deep, and
because to sue NASA is stupid and useless, and no one is
will allow Scott Waring, rather, it will simply be removed, as cleaned in
this life and more prominent and serious scientists …

However, Daily Express assumes that today’s loud
Scott Waring’s statement is nothing more than a publicity stunt because
so far the matter has not gone further, and the NASA leadership has not even
responded to such a threat …

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