Something big flew near Jupiter

The American amateur astronomer, who decided to remain incognito,
provided a mysterious record on which a huge
space object flying near Jupiter. And the speed of the UFO
– just fantastic. And this is despite the colossal size
(watch the video).

The video interested many Internet users who do not
cosmic and ufological themes are indifferent, especially since
In this case there is a huge scope for fantasy and all kinds of

At the same time, MrMB333 channel on YouTube’s video hosting service is so kindly
who provided this record, specifies only one thing – this is Jupiter, and what
flew near him (whether behind even in front is not very clear) –
nobody knows. Some users have even noticed that
mysterious space object made some kind of perturbation on
the planet, hitting it if not with its physical body, then the inertial

But the most interesting comments to this video can be called

  • some users claim that Jupiter is from Earth on
    365 million miles away, it turns out that the UFO is
    the video moves much faster than the speed of light that just
  • and this only proves once more, picked up by others, that
    we live in a matrix, and the cosmic sky above our head is just
    imitation on which there can be anything, especially if
    to consider failures in the work of this superprogram.

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