Strange object on the lunar surface

George Graham on his Streetcap1 YouTube video hosting channel
constantly posting videos that compromise one way or another
NASA workers who are allegedly overlooked on photographs from the moon and
Mars mysterious objects, although most often a lot of retouched before
the way the photos themselves get on the official website of the aerospace
agencies. The new find of the famous Scottish ufologist concerns
strange object on the lunar surface.

George himself called this discovery a stranger robotic probe,
in short, this object is very similar to some kind of alien machine,
for example, moon rover. It’s too unnatural for a stone block.
the right one, that is, the processed one, is man-made.

This, say the commentators to the video, and them on the channel Streetcap1
always dozens, and sometimes hundreds, even though
This device most likely lain on the surface of the moon is very
for a long time, say, thousands, or even millions of years. That he does not
collapsed into dust in general, once again proves that this lunar rover
made by aliens – this is their fantastic thing.

George Graham himself is more modest in his estimates of the found
object on the photograph of the moon. In his opinion, this could be a machine.
both terrestrial and non-terrestrial, in any case, the find
very interesting, what the NASA staff are now probably very

Recall that Graham recently discovered on one of
pictures of Selena, artificial structures, now here is a lunar rover,
and, most likely, a stranger. Confirmations that the moon has long been
became an object of basing for aliens if not created for these
goals artificially piling up, and supporters of the global conspiracy,
who claim that information about
aliens and possible contact with them, it is becoming

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