The Swedes felt that our planet needed flag

The Swedes felt that our planet needed a flagPhoto from open sources

Swedish designer Oscar Pernefeldt presented to the world public flag concept that our planet can use during future space expeditions. Artist developed it for more than a year, taking advantage of support and help various specialists.

The flag has a blue background – the water covering this color seventy-one percent of the surface of the earth. In the middle are located seven white rings forming the likeness of a flower. This is a weave according to the author’s idea, symbolizes the fact that everything on our planet interconnected – if not directly, then at least indirectly.

According to Pernefeldt, the Americans who flew to the moon left there is the flag of their country, however this is somewhat unfair in relation to other states. After all, the success achieved by one of us beyond the Earth, is already becoming universal. therefore it occurred to the Swede to come up with a flag that humans could further use in the development of the universe. In addition, many scientists believe that in the future all space expeditions will become international, because for one state the costs of such projects are unbearable.

Someday people must necessarily land on Mars, Venus, Mercury and other planets of the solar system. It is possible that flags left by astronauts will be shown to representatives extraterrestrial civilizations, how far has our Earth advanced in plan of technological progress.

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