Trump intends to conquer space

The space race, though a side effect of the cold war,
but led to a lot of amazing discoveries and presented
humanity has faith in a bright future that awaited earthlings on others
the planets. Then the two competing superpowers, the USSR and the USA, were
According to one thing: the cosmos is the property of all mankind.
Now the Americans decided to abandon this concept. Chapter
�”Citadels of Democracy” Donald Trump has signed a new directive
regarding the space policy of their country. Now United
States actually intend to conquer and usurp extraterrestrial

President Trump reports that space is now
competitive territory, and America will be the first country to
will benefit from this real benefit. The new directive states
that the United States will be the leading space power and will achieve the leading
places in the development of the solar system. It is specified that in the near future
time, NATO astronauts will return to the moon, fly to Mars, and even
reached the planets Alpha Centauri. Yes Yes exactly. Representatives
The US National Space Agency said the other day
that plans to send by 2069 people to triple star
system in the constellation Centaurus, 4.4 light years from
us. This will be done in order to search for extraterrestrial life forms and
suitable for colonization of planets.

Conquer space or propiaritsya?

However, many considered such a statement no more than
PR move eccentric politician. Say no more symbolic
for the American philistine gesture than promise to return to
times of enhanced space exploration, always with the race and
competitors. True, now compete with NASA in mastering
space will not only be Russia, but also China, the European Union and even
private US companies like SpaceX. Each of these
of the parties is able to seize the initiative from NASA, and the American
the government will have to invest a lot of money to overtake
their real and even contrived rivals.

Speaking of money, scientists predict that in the next 30 years
global spending on space exploration can
increase to 3 trillion dollars a year. It is believed that
�”Cosmic capitalism” will more than pay back these costs,
when earthlings start mining outside the Earth
fossils and other resources. According to another point of view, these
colossal funds will be simply thrown on the “cosmic wind”,
since humanity has not yet come close to those
futuristic technologies that would allow us to visit
other planets, much less digging mines on asteroids. We,
for example, we don’t even know how aliens travel in
Of the universe, certainly not overcoming the physical space that
prohibitively endless. Moreover, we do not even know exactly how this
The universe is arranged. And at the same time, we naively believe that we can
fly somewhere and something or even colonize …

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