Ufologist found a brick in a photograph from Mars

Taiwan ufologist Scott Waring is convinced that the American
the national space agency intentionally complicates the work
independent researchers like him, discoloring pictures of Mars and
making them solid. In fact, the landscape of the Red Planet, they say,
similar to terrestrial deserts and boasts comparative
a variety of colors, including blue sky (see video

For this reason, says Waring, enthusiasts, these tireless
Online archaeologists can search for Martian artifacts, focusing on
solely on their form.

Scott himself followed exactly this method when he discovered
days, another Martian anomaly. According to the researcher, he
noticed on a random snapshot of the red planet … standing upright
brick! It would seem quite a common sight for the Earth, however
where does the brick come from on a distant heavenly body, where, if you believe
an orthodox scholar, never set foot intelligent creature?
Waring has no doubt that his find is man-made.
origin. Judge for yourself: what are the chances that nature
will create a piece of rock in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped?
Obviously, they tend to zero.

By the way, such artifacts were discovered on Mars not for the first time. On
Curiosity rover pictures taken by meticulous virtuals
they even found brickwork (see the video below), however
did not convince the skeptics and did not force the staff
NASA admit the obvious: there was no time on the Red Planet
intelligent life, like the earth (if not push away from even more
bold theory that it was from Mars that humans descended to Earth).

By the way, we add that on Mars we also found objects similar to
insectoids and humanoids, fragments of statues and ruins of buildings, weapons and
tools like so much else that may well serve
there is no time indirect evidence
highly developed civilization.

The Taiwanese himself is convinced that today he showed the world
something that can turn the idea of ​​Mars even in the most ardent
skeptics. This time the speech, they say, cannot be about
paradolic illusion, deception of sight or defect of shooting. Somewhere
on the Red Planet is a perfectly flat brick, and you can only
guess where he came from …

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