Where did the satellite of Venus disappear?

Astronomers of Europe observed Venus as early as the 17th century. In that century,
as in the next eighteenth, scientists have seen a large near Venus
the celestial body, which was taken for its natural satellite.

Among such astronomers was the famous Francesco Fontana, and
Giovanni Domenico Cassini – Director of the Paris Observatory,
who made many discoveries concerning the solar system and
space as a whole. Its 150x is the most powerful telescope ever.
time also showed the satellite of Venus. Moreover, Cassini, like many
his colleagues believed that theoretically the planets located between
Sun and Earth satellites should not be. And yet, near
Venus, they saw such an object – a large sickle.

In the 18th century, the famous creator of astronomical instruments, James
Short also recorded a satellite near Venus, which, according to his
allegations that the diameter was slightly less than one third of the diameter
the planets. True, in the next favorable days of observation
Venus, no matter how hard he tried, could not discover this mysterious
satellite. However, after twenty years, namely in 1761, when
Venus passed through the disk of the Sun and attention to it for this reason.
it was reinforced, literally by all astronomers of the earth,
The Venus Moon was seen at least two dozen times.

This was confirmed even by such an eminent scientist as Jacques Montaigne of
Limoges, who, by the way, was the most ardent skeptic on this subject,
Spanking itself did not see the mysterious satellite of Venus. Later even
Prussian king Frederick the Great proposed to name the satellite of Venus in
honor of the mathematician and astronomer Jean Leron D’Alembert, however
the humble scientist refused such honor.

And only in the 19th century, the satellite of Venus was named after
the ancient Egyptian goddess of hunting and war, Neith, who invented for
her Belgian astronomer Jean Charles Ozo – this happened in 1878.
However, Neith herself has long been watched. Why? It was
a real mystery to the academic world.

If not a satellite, then what?

In the future, space probes sent to the morning star,
confirmed that Venus does not have a satellite. And the abyss
without a trace, he simply could not: too large he was characterized
astronomers of past centuries. Such an object should or leave
an asteroid ring around the home planet, if collapsed, or
fall on her and unbalance her “mother”, leaving
monstrous faults on the planet. None of this probes

The famous theosophical scholar Charles Leadbeater in his book
�”Inner Life” (published in 1911) claimed that satellites had
any planet disappears when the humanoid race inhabiting it
finally reaches the “seventh round of rebirth”. The disappearance of the moon
Neith means, in his opinion, only one thing: Venusians, significantly
ahead of earthlings in their development, they have already reached this “seventh
circle. ” We are still waiting for such perfection, but when we
we will reach it, and the Moon will cease to shine above the blue planet.

In 1919, scientist Charles Hoy Fort suggested that astronomers 17
and 18 centuries took spacecraft for the satellite of Venus
инопланетян, выходившие на орбиту вокруг the planets. More reasonable
explanations of the appearance and disappearance of the satellite of Venus have not yet been found

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