White anomalies hit the ISS camera

Brothers ufologists Brett and Blake Cousins ​​viewed live from
webcams that are installed on board the International Space
stations, and suddenly noticed something in the lens
strange. Three mysterious anomalies that look like giant
rings of white smoke, flew towards the Earth.

As expected, the US National Space
the agency interrupted the broadcast soon after
The camera seemed something unusual. Fortunately researchers
previously included on your computer program to record
video from the screen and safely fixed strange objects on
video clip. When Cazins posted a video on YouTube, it is instant
collected more than 12 thousand views.

Clouds at such a height, as you might guess, are impossible,
therefore, ufologists are at a loss and cannot find it.
�“Little miracle” of rational explanation. Even on “flying
plates ”alien data objects are not similar. Some
Internet users believe that these are some portals in

That’s just not clear what this anomaly scared experts
NASA, amazed ufologists. Instead of giving as much as possible
more people, among whom, surely, there would be
space experts, to fully trace the “behavior” of these
smoky rings, they again behave like children in the sandbox, afraid
already his shadow …

Or maybe it is somehow connected with the flash on the sun that occurred
September 6 and now scientists are so worried, perhaps, and specialists
NASA, suggested other users. Obviously the latter are worried
that such anomalies scare earthlings.

If Americans are worried about, add a third, then only
about their interests. Therefore, are these rings not connected to any
US space military program? ..

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