A ghost captured on a warship with an ax scared workers

A photo from open sources

Frightened by paranormal phenomena, people are in no hurry to call the police, realizing that they will be ridiculed. However when on the old military the ship recorded the appearance of a ghost with an ax, law enforcement officers it was no laughing matter.

Recently, a stir has risen on the Internet over photography, hosted on the Imgur online service, Mirror reports. The thing is, which, according to the author of the picture, John, he accidentally succeeded capture the ghost.

A photo from open sources

About where and under what circumstances the photograph was taken, Internet users told colleague John, who introduced himself as Stevgoldhound.

“Last month we came to the dock for repairs and refitting. Near our ship was an old military frigate written off for scrap. After all the fragile things were removed, workers were free and could take care of their affairs. Then the foreman John climbed the old frigate with the camera, to photograph the interior, ”he said.

According to the British tabloid Metro, then John passed the received pictures to his boss. The boss was the first to notice the shape of a man and asked the superintendent: “Who is this guy with with an ax? ”

“When the boss asked this question, John first looked at the photo figure and completely confused. He had no idea who it was, since during the shooting I did not see a single living soul. Due to strange subject was spotted on a warship, to the investigation the incident was brought in by the police, ”said Stevgoldhound.

Law enforcement officers searched, but he turned out to be to no avail.

“Even if it was a man, he could get on a ship and to descend from it exclusively along the ladder, and then he should have fix surveillance cameras, ”said a colleague of the author a photo.

One Internet user responded to a man’s request for assistance in investigating this incident and made the image more clear. After the enhanced snapshot appeared on Reddit, Some users have suggested more logical explanations.

A photo from open sources

“This is just an old tramp living on an abandoned ship, who heard the sound of footsteps, grabbed an ax and peered around the corner ”, – one of the participants in the discussion is convinced.

Another added: “If this person lived on a ship for long time, then he knows the location of all ship the rooms are better than the cops. The ship is huge and it doesn’t it was hard to hide. ”

Such versions seemed to John’s colleague unconvincing.

“I’m a skeptic,” he said. – But this guy is not like any the man we’ve ever seen in the dock. I have from him goosebumps. Naturally, I won’t go there to take a look at him. ”


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