A woman has been haunted by ghosts for two years. her underwear

A woman has been haunted by ghosts for two years stealing her underwearA photo from open sources

Frightened Pauline Hickson admits that she had seven times relocate because of the ghosts who stole her lower linen and even enjoyed the shower. When Hickson’s underwear disappeared for the first time, she could not imagine that this is the beginning a two-year-old hell that nearly ruined her life.

58-year-old woman says she was forced to relocate living seven times in two years because the ghosts who stole her bras who wore jewelry and even used showers, all time followed her. However, now, after the session hypno-exorcism – a little-known technique for exorcising ghosts, Hickson admits that she is finally free from prankish spirits and can live a normal life.

“I thought I was going crazy,” Polina admitted in an interview. “I didn’t know why this was happening to me. It was like living in hell and I had no one to turn to. ”

Terrible incidents began two years ago after Hickson moved to a bungalow in North Hull. Having lived there all for several weeks, the woman felt the presence of something that wasn’t could explain. In addition, strange things started to happen in the house. things: photos began to fall from the walls, appeared in the shower incomprehensible scratches, and it was also obvious that in the absence of Hickson someone used a shower.

According to the woman, once returning home from a camping trip shopping, she found defeated, as if after an explosion, the kitchen. After that, Hickson decided to change her place of residence and move to Cambridge, but what was her horror when terrible pranks started to happen there.

A few months later she returned to Hull, where stopped at her niece. However Polina’s nightmare is not has stopped. This time, her clothes began to fade, including Underwear. Frightened, she moved to a dormitory, and then another several times, but could not get rid of those pursuing her ghosts.

“I thought my family was mocking me. I didn’t believe to nobody. I started cursing and deleting people from my life, days wandering around the streets and trying to stay away from home, ” a woman is recognized.

Hickson then moved to her current home in Essex, but that too did not help. When the ghosts reminded themselves again, Pauline turned for help to a famous ghost hunter. The man plunged the woman into a trance and, combined with the rite exorcism, managed to save Pauline from the ghosts chasing her. FROM Since then, Hickson has ceased to feel paranormal activity in his the house.

A woman suspects that the ghosts were somehow connected with the old the dressing table she bought before moving to the bungalow.

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