A visitor to an Irish mansion photographed ghost girl

A photo from open sources

21-year-old tourist from London did not expect a visit to the mansion Loftus Hall in Wexford, Ireland a strong impression. The fact is that the guy accidentally photographed a ghost.

A photo from open sources

A resident of the London Borough by Louis, Thomas Beavis, traveling around Ireland, did not miss the opportunity to visit the gloomy glory of the Loftus Hall mansion in County Wexford. This estate is famous for the fact that it allegedly supernatural phenomena occur.

Locals say that in 1766 in Loftus Hall the Tottenham family moved and soon with the youngest member of the family – Ann, something terrible happened.

According to legend, one evening at the door of the mansion a stranger and asked to shelter him until the morning. The family welcomed unexpected guest and offered to pass the time for a card game whist, which was attended by little Ann. During the game the girl dropped one card on the floor and bent to pick it up, when she saw that the stranger’s legs ended with forked hooves. The girl straightened up and asked the man why he instead of the feet of the hoof, and at that moment he broke through the roof and disappeared.

After meeting with the devil, Ann got sick and for this reason the members families began to shun her. In the end the girl was locked in in her room, where she died. The legend states that who refused food and water, Anne died, sitting on a chair, and relatives had to bury her in this position, since they could not straighten the stiffened corpse. Since ghost girls supposedly constantly wandering in Loftus Hall.

Thomas Beavie and his friends, attracted by tales of the ghostly resident of the mansion, visited him along with other tourists and captured the facade of the building. At the end of the tour, 21 year old Briton skimmed through the pictures, when he suddenly noticed on one of They are the outlines of the figure of a girl.

Having looked closely, the guy saw not only a ghost, but the creepy face of the old woman who was near him.

A photo from open sources

“I took photos to show my mom, and pre looked through them as we drove home. That’s when I noticed this little girl. I was so amazed that I felt like me chills, ”Thomas admitted in an interview with Metro. – Perhaps the spirit Anne Tottenham still lives in Loftus Hall. This is the only explanation of what I saw in the picture. You know, I usually believe what I see, but in this situation I can’t explain what is happening on of this photo. ”


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