A long cigar-shaped UFO filmed above Manchester

A photo from open sources

The author of the video says, “A huge cigar-shaped UFO metal object we caught on camera in Denton, Manchester UK in 2011. The object was simply visible to the unarmed the eye. He was in the sky for about 40 minutes before than to rise so high that it was not visible at all. UFO means an unidentified flying object, so I’m not saying that it there was an apparatus with little green men, but still … interesting to watch. Image trembles a lot because the operator made a maximum run over, knowing how high he appeared in the sky (higher than airplanes), I assume that the size of the object was massive. That’s all I’ve managed to capture, as the subject went very high so that it could be detected in the viewfinder cameras. ” Photos from open sources Photos from open sources

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