About UFO two lines

Recently, the world notice and immediately, of course, remove
There are so many UFOs on the video that you wonder. Famous ufologists, to
for example, they say that five years ago they were not even happy
very high-quality snapshot “flying saucer”. And today about
aliens and their mysterious devices in ufological organizations
So much of all sorts of material arrives that experts hardly
they understand it, sifting out not even fakes, but not very
quality videos (photos most often do not even
are considered).

North Carolina fisherman confronted with mysterious luminous

A resident of North Carolina, not so long ago, ran into the evening
fishing with a strange phenomenon: above the dark expanse of the ocean somewhere around
21 hours suddenly appeared (as if lit) light. He, like a lantern,
hung in the sky, not moving anywhere, just splitting apart and becoming
then brighter, then dimmer. Then he also mysteriously disappeared to minutes
in fifteen again to appear closer to the place where
fished a man. Surprised even more, the fisherman took out a smartphone and
captured this strange phenomenon. It is noteworthy that this time
Other similar lights appeared – up to four, and
they all also changed their brightness, amusing and even slightly frightening
American about half an hour.

Passenger aircraft from the porthole filmed UFO

Specialists of the famous ufological organization Mufon received in
late last month video from a man who, flying over
plane over New York, I saw a strange object in the porthole,
which produced a bright, simply incredible shine. If consider,
that at that time there was a deep night over the city, then such a “lantern”
in the sky seemed especially amazing.

Ufologists analyzed the video sent and found it genuine,
that’s just something else surprises them: why don’t the people of New York themselves
noticed this brightly glowing UFO. It is difficult to assume that all
the inhabitants of the huge metropolis were currently sleeping or were
so busy with their cares that they absolutely did not care
From where come the heavenly illumination. Or maybe from his land
could not see? In any case, no information about the UFO like
there was no sort of that day in New York, otherwise experts
Mufon would know about it.

Cigar-like UFO flying over Spike Island

At the end of last month, an interesting video was obtained from
Ireland Here in the sky near the island of Spike was seen
cigar-shaped ufo.

By the way, we note that according to the version of the World Travel Awards,
Irish island Spike with its amazing attraction –
prison-fort (in the 18th century, here, on the site of the monastery, was built
the fort where the military garrison housed for almost a century, however, in the 19th century
this unique building marked the prison that existed
until 2004) recognized as more interesting tourist
object than the world famous Paris Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum
Rome and Buckingham Palace London.

Maybe aliens are also interested in this place in terms of
�”Amazing excursions”, because before that over the island of Spike never
did not notice anything like that.

Another politician admitted that he met in his life UFO

For Russians, such a frank politician was and remains the former
the head of the Republic of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who in conversation with
famous journalist Posner told on television for the whole
Russia, that in September 1997, it was abducted by aliens, and he
traveled on their ship. However, other prominent politicians no, no, yes
they confess that they have met with UFOs or aliens, and therefore
believe in them.

It is this revelation recently shared with
users of the Internet Guo Mang Senk – a prominent politician in Singapore
(leader of the People’s Party of this country). Senk’s first alien ship
saw near his home. That, admits the man, was
so amazing that he did not immediately believe his eyes. In
while on a business trip the politician again ran into something
like that. All this convinced him that aliens exist, and
that they constantly observe the inhabitants of the earth.

New discovery of virtual archaeologists in Antarctica

Google Earth map server constantly presents
virtual archaeologists gifts, but especially a lot of them in the last
time in Antarctica, which is surprising. After all, for a long time it was believed
that on this ice continent there is nothing much

However, it was Antarctica that recently became “hot
point “research all sorts of ufologists, conspiracy therapists and
online archaeologists. The last few days “dug out” here (of course,
On pictures Google Earth) mysterious object, which ufologi
famous agency Mutual UFO Network immediately identified as
crashed alien ship. They even found on his body
four antennas. Like it or not, it is difficult to say because
object shots are rather vague and vague, and therefore
identify him as a “flying saucer” of the newcomers pretty
difficult without a fair amount of fantasy and faith in it. But as they say
anything happens, especially in Antarctica …

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