Adventures when photographing UFOs

Adventures when photographing UFOsA photo from open sources

Monday, January 9, 1967, was a cold winter day on St Clair Lake’s coastline, 15 miles north of Detroit. But the weather did not deter 17-year-old Daniel Yaroslav and his 15-year-old Brother – Grant from a walk with the Polaroid camera. It was pretty cold, fingers were a little numb, but they were still able click the shutter while standing in the courtyard of a city house in Harrison, looking to take a picture. And you don’t conscious, they were close to making the most sensational snaps that turn out to be the best and clearest UFO snapshots this year. It was about 2 hours 30 minutes in the afternoon when Dan, looking at a lake cluttered with ice, saw something that made him grab his brother’s hand. “Look!” – nearly he cried, pointing to a dark object in the sky a quarter of a mile from the coast. There, hovering over ice, but close to clear water, there was an aircraft shaped like grapes with an antenna clearly visible on its tail. From this distance the apparatus seemed the size of a helicopter, but Dan and Grant did not have opportunities to find out its exact dimensions. They quickly led in their action “Polaroid” and took one after another four pictures, taking out prints and looking at them one by one as photographing. UFO seemed to be a grateful object for photographing and continued to hang over the icy lake in for ten whole minutes and then quickly and silently disappeared into Southeast direction. Then another object appeared and hung on the same place, but he was completely identifiable. It was Helicopter flying from nearby Selfridge base. The brothers also photographed a helicopter, but this photograph did not have nothing to do with the four previous ones. The next day, Detroit News “published UFO photos along with the story of how brothers Yaroslav was with the camera in the right place at the right time. Photos were immediately scrutinized representatives of the Blue Book project. And they had to recognize that the Yaroslav brothers received the most realistic UFO images. Although the radar at the Selfridge airbase, located in a mile from the scene, found nothing unusual, and the pilot the helicopter also stated that he had not seen anything soaring in the sky in in this area, the pictures of the Yaroslav brothers were called “photographs reliable UFO. “One of the first commentators on this event was Dr. Allen Heinek, Head of the Astronomy Department Northwestern University, which for many years has been Air Force UFO consultant. After examining the pictures, the doctor Heineck noted several important points at a press conference in Detroit “What struck me was the identity of these shots with those that I have already seen, as well as with verbal descriptions, which brought very reliable people. Everything else – even the tail antenna was also mentioned earlier. Wherein Polaroid photos give too little room for fake. Reliability is confirmed by the fact that there is a whole series, and not one shot. “Dr. Heineck added:” Honestly, in the present moment I don’t know if these pictures are genuine, but I can’t call them fake. For most of the photos we we get just one glance to say that it fake, but this case is a little different. If it’s fake, then it’ll be much harder to fix. “Dr. Heineck’s assistant – Dr. William Powers said “right now we can’t even tell what size this object was. It could be from three inches up to five feet wide, facing the Yaroslav brothers’s cell. ” Dr. Powers explained that light and dark spots on negatives, and also the ratio with different background objects should still be investigated. About a year before the brothers Yaroslav photographed a UFO over Lake St. Clair, completely similar incident occurred in Beaver in Pennsylvania – about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh. This time unusually high quality images were taken by 17-year-old James Lucky and his 23-year-old brother John. Amateur photographer James whose hobby was photographing the moon and stars on Sunday evening, August 8, 1965 Mr. was near the house with his brother. The camera was mounted on a tripod in the garage doorway and aimed at the top of the hill behind the house. There was a light haze in the sky that night and James wanted an unusual picture of the moon shining through curtain of moisture. At 11.30 p.m. when he was about to set shutter speed, round, seemingly solid subject, much brighter, than the moon, suddenly appeared from behind the top of the hill and hovered right in the field lens view. James forgot about the moon and hurried to photograph this item. The camera did not have a cable, but the pictures were taken with two excerpts. When he was about to take the third shot, UFO soared into the night sky and disappeared. Friends convinced James to take pictures in Beaver County Times, where there are three photographers looking at these pictures recognized them as real. But instead of round and in appearance solid object, the photographs turned out to be UFOs, reminiscent of the shape of an overturned deep plate with a gaseous substance, stretching after him like a tail. This was another example. masterfully taken photographs of a UFO. Dr. Heineck emphasized that Good photos are needed in order for the Blue project the book “could approach the assessment of UFOs correctly.” I understand that it is unrealistic to expect an expensive service from the Air Force UFO sightings nationwide, Dr. Heinek admits, but when a UFO is detected, a frightened witness grabs the handset and calls local police departments that miss dozens opportunities to photograph UFOs. I recommend that everyone the head of the police station had at least at his disposal one company car with a camera charged with color film. Photographic equipment that can be used for ordinary police work, may be served by either civilians or employees police. “The former head of the Blue Book project once stated:” We we have hundreds of photographs of “flying saucers” both in motion and in alone, but many of them turned out to be fakes – some so skilled that required a thorough study of experts to find out how these photos were taken. Some were rude fakes – hats tossed up, canteens plates hanging on a rope or just painting on negative. Many photos can be called just honest. the mistakes of photographers who really thought they take pictures of “flying saucers”. And yet the best and most interesting UFO images are those captured from using movie cameras. First of all, it’s much harder to produce shooting on film than on ordinary film, and on the same because the film is much easier to examine than film. IN Air Force materials have two great examples of UFO films, both of which still classified as “incomprehensible” despite thousands hours spent researching them. The first one called “movie from Montana “was made on August 15, 1950 by Nick Mariana, who led the baseball team in Great Falls, Montana. On his the film sequentially captures two large bright lights, sailing through the clear blue sky and passing in one place behind the water tower. Although Mariana sent his film to the Air Force for assessment, two years passed before serious efforts to study the phenomenon captured on film. In conditions strict secrecy has been confirmed that two round brilliant Objects are not meteorites, birds or balloons. By the general opinion of the researchers, they were supposed to be airplanes, – most likely, F-94 fighter jets. It was found, that two aircraft of this type were in the vicinity of Great Falls on the day of observing the UFO. Indeed, Mariana and his secretary, who also saw UFOs confirm that two jets appeared in the opposite side of the sky shortly after two strange objects disappeared in the southeast. But flight route analysis and the landing of both planes showed that he wasn’t getting anywhere with the location of two UFOs captured on film. The result is a “movie from Montana “was recognized as an” inexplicable secret “The second film was just as inexplicable, mainly because it was filmed by specialist warrant officer Delbert Newhouse, Navy photographer. July 2, 1952 Newhouse, his wife and two children were traveling in Auckland California when they saw some strange thing in the sky activity. Mrs. Newhouse was the first to notice the strange phenomenon immediately. after they drove Tremonton, Utah, a little north Salt Lake City. When Newhouse also saw about a dozen brilliant objects moving across the sky then put the car on the sidelines and went out to see better. When he served in the Navy, he flew about 2000 hours as an aerial photographer. Picture is he saw, had no precedent. Sparkling objects moved compact group, performing the most diverse types of maneuvers. Yet more incomprehensible were the actions of one of the UFOs, which separated from the whole group and headed in the opposite direction before everyone they disappeared beyond the horizon.

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