Armada UFO returns to Earth

All the talk, including the prophetic assurances of the universal
a catastrophe on the occasion of approaching the mysterious planet Nibiru to Earth
turned out to be all the same empty doomsday predictions that
it was probably thousands in the history of mankind.

September is running out, although it was at this time that the prophets of all
the suits promised us another Apocalypse. But … creepy script again
turned out to be frivolous. Or is it not?

The fact is that ufologists claim that the collision with Nibiru
prevented aliens who have long been curated by our
the planet. His incredible version of alien intelligence researchers
explain that recently the activity of UFOs, especially near
our ranks and in the solar system as a whole has increased so much that
it was like a reflection of the alien mind approaching
space threat.

And to explain this activity, assure ufologists, you can only
real danger from Planet X. By the way, the world
a government that knows both about aliens and about Nibiru, apparently
many more ordinary people, even prominent scientists, not to mention
independent researchers at this time also behaved very
strange: closed the observatory, threw information about
aliens and so on, as if preparing the general public for
something important. On the other hand, there were quite a few things on Earth.
strange things, for example, unexplained power outages during
many places.

In confirmation of their theory ufologists offer to see
a video that supposedly demonstrates the return to Earth of a part
armada UFO, which, quite possibly, participated in the reflection
space attack from Nibiru. Assumption of course on
level of the most fantastic star space wars that we
accustomed to seeing only in cinemas. Is this fiction
gradually becoming a reality? Is a famous director right?
Neil Blomkamp, ​​who in one of the many interviews

No one really thinks about why Hollywood releases
so many fantastic films, and in fact they are all not only with
interesting plots and various amazing effects, but also
with hidden meaning. The meaning of all these paintings is to hide in the forest.
tree, confuse the viewer, create something in the head of an ordinary person
the opposite, that is, to present the truth with a fairy tale, fantasy. AND
then no one will believe in the reality of aliens, which on
not really so fantastic.

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