Burning UFO captured in the night sky

The unusual air phenomenon was captured on video in
last Saturday to a resident of the English county of Somerset. Man by
it was Jeremy Lefevre who was returning home in the evening and suddenly
noticed in the sky a huge unidentified object that literally
burned with an orange flame leaving a thick smoky atmosphere
plume. Within a few minutes, the UFO changed the trajectory of its
movement, and then just dissolved in the air.

Here is how an eyewitness himself describes all this:

I have never seen anything like it in my life. This thing
instantly riveted my attention and left me in full
confusion. Good thing I guessed to get a phone and take it off.
miracle on video. The UFO burned with a multitude of iridescent lights and left
behind a glowing trail. I think it could not have been fireworks or
drone. My first guess was that an accident occurred
aircraft, however several days have passed, and no one reported in
news of the air crash. I do not exclude that it was released
out of action “flying saucer”. Perhaps its fragments still
are somewhere out there in some deserted place.

It is noteworthy that the city of Warminster, located nearby
from the scene, for a long time was considered “the British capital
UFO sightings. In the sixties and seventies of the last century
there have been many times seen burning lights, a mysterious glow and
other celestial anomalies. At night the townspeople heard a strange noise
coming from heaven, and even noticed in the vicinity of their populated
point of gray humanoid creatures that warmed in nature like some kind of
ghosts. All of these incidents got the name in the press “cases in
Warminster. And here is a new “alien invasion” …

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