Dubai guests spotted a UFO in the night sky

This mysterious object, cutting through the fiery plume of the night sky
Dubai (or rather, the sky is very late in the evening),
I remember many guests and residents of one of the most beautiful and
most visited cities of the United Arab Emirates.

Naturally, many tourists walking at this time for more
Dubai’s busy streets (they only subside here in the morning, and even then
briefly), they shot a UFO flying into their smartphones and camcorders
the sky and immediately shared these videos with web users
the Internet, especially since the multimillion army of Internet users is simply
love such cute gifts aliens.

However, astronomers soon disappointed ufologists, explaining that
the mysterious luminous object in the night sky of dubai was actually
following the Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle burning in the Earth’s atmosphere,
which was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome on October 14 to
put the Progress MS-07 cargo ship into orbit.

Let us clarify at the same time that on October 16, Progress MS-07 is safely
achieved his goal by docking to the International Space
station. He delivered to the ISS almost two and a half tons of various
cargo required for normal operation of the station and
life activities of its astronauts.

Do you think those who observed this in Dubai are disappointed?
burning trail rocket? It seems that no, for them it was in that
moment – mysterious UFO. However, it is likely that somewhere nearby
real aliens were also spinning, which are not always
demonstratively manifest themselves, but are closely watching
any cosmic actions of earthlings. What for? This we do not understand
how not to understand, for example, skeptics, why UFOs and aliens,
which, of course, is not in sight, so ufologists are interested, and
not only them …

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