Flashing UFO Flying Against the Background of the Red Moon

Amazing full moon, fascinated the other day the inhabitants of the Earth,
allowed ufologists to have very curious material. When Selena
turned a blood red hue, one of the witnesses unexpectedly
noticed a flashing light on the background of the lunar disk
undefined object. Witness of this picture hurried to capture
unidentified flying object on camcorder. By including submitted
Below is the video, you can see these amazing shots yourself.

Skeptics, of course, say that this is an orbital
satellite, the International Space Station or even the usual
helicopter, however, ufologists argue in response that such theories are not
stand up to criticism. In their opinion, captured on this record
the object looks very different and many times exceeds
the size of the same ISS. UFO and extraterrestrial civilization researchers
saw in the video a huge spaceship aliens, swept into
full moon time between our planet and its natural satellite.
Maybe the “green men” are also interested in the sensational
super moon? Or maybe some of their missions are associated with it?

By the way, this is what the residents saw on the Day of the Bloody Super Moon
one Russian village – a UFO hovered over the house, surprising and scaring
locals. Unfortunately, the author did not specify where it happened,
however, alien activity has been associated with this unusual cosmic
phenomenon / It is obvious that the activity of UFO January 31 was the maximum
that’s just not clear why? ..

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