�”Flying saucer” was removed from the window of the plane

A passenger of a British plane took a mysterious picture from a window
object very similar to the “flying saucer”. UFO for a while
followed the bottom of the airplane and then quickly disappeared from

English ufologist Tyler Glockner, best known under
alias Secureteam10, claims that it is one of the most
impressive and reliable evidence of the existence of ships
aliens he has ever seen. Moreover, the UFO is removed from
board the aircraft, and not from the ground. We must assume that the war years,
for sure, have more opportunities for similar shooting
alien “fellow travelers-observers” in the air (but they do not divide
their trophies), but for civilian aircraft – this is the greatest

The specialist explains that the video was received by an unknown person.
compatriot back in 2015, but the author is only
Now I discovered this amazing detail on her and hurried
share a find with a specialist. The plane was on top
9-12 kilometers above Liverpool, and an unidentified flying object
moved about 500 meters lower.

At the end of the roller, the alleged “flying saucer” makes a sharp
jerk and quickly blown down. Ufologists continue to guess that
Aliens need from civilian airplanes: the fact is that it is not
the only video of similar content when the UFO
�Airbus “chases” as if demonstrating its passengers
presence. Maybe aliens protect them like this.
plane from a possible accident? With their unlimited technical
Opportunity is a trifling matter. It’s so eager to believe in

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