Futuristic UFO flying over London

Amazing shots have appeared on many foreign sites and
YouTube channels dedicated to ufology. Mysterious series of shots
demonstrates some futuristic unidentified flying object,
appeared on September 29 in the sky over London.

If you look closely at him, you can see that
it’s about a boomerang-like aircraft with different
electronics and large blue fire on a metal case. Here is
what the author of these mysterious photos wrote:

I saw this UFO flying above my head and managed to grab my
camera with 90x magnification to take some pictures with
interval in a split second. The object was very high and had
the length is supposedly (hard to say with accuracy) from 3 to 5
meters It was clearly made of metal and had a pulsating
blue side fire. �The “plate” was moving incredibly fast. TO
In a word, I’ll say that Hearn Hill is in south London, where I noticed this
piece, constantly attracts unidentified flying objects,
glowing balls, all sorts of cryptoids and other phenomena. Can
to think that we live in the epicenter of some anomalous zone or
even a portal to another dimension. As a child, I constantly
observed here various incomprehensible phenomena that then seemed
something quite ordinary for me, like a rainbow, for example …

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