In the suburbs captured a spherical UFO

A resident of the Moscow region city Ivanteevka witnessed the appearance
in the sky of an unidentified flying object is a spherical shape.
The following video was taken last Friday, 26
January, a local resident Nikolai Antipas. According to the words
men, he was driving along Kirov Street and suddenly noticed this UFO
high above the ground. Russian hurried out of the car and capture
mysterious object on the mobile phone camera.

The relatively poor recording quality caused many
regulars Runet use their imagination. Alone
commentators actually saw in these shots “flying
a plate. Others thought it was a dragon, pterodactyl or
any other large flying creature – and what, in our world
can meet anything. According to skeptics, it’s about
balloon or perhaps a drone. Howbeit,
Before us is another mystery for ufologists, who will certainly be able to
confirm or deny the theory of the appearance in the suburbs
aircraft of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

However, UFOs have become so much for Internet users.
the habitual phenomenon that no one particularly even disputed that it was not
aliens. And why not, not only they fly over America,
for sure, they plow space over Russia, just Russian
a person has a completely different mentality, it is difficult to surprise him and
more forced to specifically catch (watch out) and shoot
some kind of “flying saucers”. Well, fly and let them fly …

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