New information and new forms

New information and new formsPhotos from open sources This is not about an official, “strictly scientific” approach to the study of UFO that borders on various secrets, silence, information hiding and so on. Take the most common interest in this topic at the level of ufology and within the capabilities of all Internet users who are interested in this topic.

For example, the other day lovers are researchers of everything that relates to the space theme, again dug up in the NASA image archive interesting photo related to the lunar mission of american Apollo. In this photo, in addition to the moon, you can see bottom left corner is an amazing UFO that, firstly, strikes its form, and secondly, a certain mystery of presence in outer space between the Earth and its natural (and natural whether?) companion.

A photo from open sources

Unscientific approach to the study of UFOs allows you to search for such photographs and other data that were or were hidden from the wide public, or simply not noticed by official science, because it also has a lot of laymen and lay people. how amateur fanatics are usually the greatest astronomers, ufologists and even virtual astronauts dig much deeper, but the conclusions to make from the “excavated material” allow anyone who wishes. it fully applies to the fantastic UFO in its form, submitted now to your court. What this object is, decide for yourself. You can only understand that this is not an ordinary flying saucer, which Earthlings are already used to seeing dozens in the sky above the earth, and some alien space station or perhaps a large interstellar ship.

By the way, the second amateur approach in the study of UFOs, which can be described as follows – collecting various forms of alien aircraft. There are actually a lot of them, these forms. And although people most often see classic disks or cigar-shaped UFOs, where more interesting devices and even their clusters. The other day, for example, Sochi journalists shot in the sky an armada of flying UFOs over their city, among which one stood out for its larger the dimensions. And there are plenty of such examples.

It turns out that at least we several extraterrestrial civilizations, and they use for observation, and then, perhaps, in order to control the development of life on Earth, apparatuses of various shapes. Most likely, this is dictated by those or other tasks. Or maybe even a certain game? Why don’t we we assume that aliens can be great visionaries or even sophisticated psychologists who seek to not only scare us, but also surprise …


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