On the moon noticed a dark pyramid

Famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring tells him that
the other day contacted an unknown person who managed to capture
something amazing on the moon. This individual being
amateur photographer, filmed a natural satellite of the Earth at night and
unexpectedly noticed a dark object on Selena’s radiant surface
evenly triangular, suspiciously like a giant
the pyramid. Of course, an eyewitness immediately captured him on camera.

Surprisingly, almost at the same time a similar find was reported
another ufologist, Scot George Graham. Turning on the one below
the video, you can see this anomaly yourself. According to
Graham, he viewed fresh satellite images of the moon,
performed by one of the telescopes of the american national
space agency, and saw the object, which immediately
considered the construction of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Is it really
is there really a giant pyramid on the moon?

Eminent ufologists and conspiracologists, however, refer to such
news without much surprise. Same Graham repeatedly
found in the photographs of selena whole cities of aliens, however
his discoveries, it is not difficult to guess, did not result in global
sensations. Graham, Waring and other “space detectives” believe
that the consciousness of the average citizen is simply not able to take a picture
the world where the Earth is only a tiny grain of sand in the universal
ocean of life, and aliens – around and everywhere.

Moreover, says Scott Waring, this narrow-mindedness in society
strongly support the powers that be – governments, military and
their minions are orthodox scholars. For example, back in 1991 on
conference devoted to the study of the Bermuda Triangle
Oceanographer Verlag Meyer told the world about two “glass” pyramids
on the ocean floor, which are clearly man-made, but based on
extraterrestrial technology. And what exactly are these pyramids most likely
cause anomalies in this mysterious place of the planet. So what?
All further studies were immediately terminated, already received
the data is classified, and German explorer Meyer is removed from
work on this topic. US almost closed Bermuda
a triangle for independent scientists … But pay attention – speech
Again, the pyramids: apparently these buildings that people meet
in different parts of the Earth, under water, even underground, and now also
in space – they have some kind of great significance for the Universe
of reason. But what do we know about it, and what do the world’s powers hide from us?
even NASA, which fools any discoveries of ufologists and
virtual archaeologists. Or pretends that nothing happens,
let’s say, on the same moon, on the same mars. Please note: around
and everywhere they have – paradolic illusion …

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