Phoenix Lights hit the video again.

March 13, 1997 in the US states of Arizona and Nevada, and
also in the mexican state of sonor, thousands of eyewitnesses observed in the sky
many unidentified flying objects. Phenomenon Received
the name Phoenix Lights, has become one of the most famous ufological
accidents in US history.

Last Friday, August 18th, this mysterious event, judging by
everything happened again. Numerous residents and guests of the city of Phoenix in
the state of Arizona witnessed the appearance in the sky of five bright
spherical ufo. �”Phoenix Lights” lined up over the skyscrapers in
like a broken line and for some time motionlessly floated in the air,
after which the objects in the center began to move. At this moment
The video below, unfortunately, ends.

Of course, experts in the field of ufology and simple
curious people want to see in the world wide web
materials demonstrating a terrific “UFO show”. If speech,
Of course, this is not about another hoax using
unmanned, lanterns, signal lights or

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