Riddles presented to us aliens

Riddles presented to us by aliensPhoto from open sources

The existence of UFOs and aliens on our planet remains fiction or hallucination, the fruit of a sick imagination today unless for the most impenetrable consciousness, which since childhood managed to suggest that there’s no further cell in which he lives there can be nothing. However, meeting with something beyond for our very shy mind (and we come across aliens not every day) causes almost every person a certain shock.

UFO in the form of a mysterious boomerang woke up and scared American

For example, this happened to a resident of Fort Erie (Ontario, USA), to whom something did not sleep on the night of February 28, and he just looked out the window with the expectation that the starry sky would calm him and imperceptibly lead to sleep.

However, just at that moment, when the American’s bed is already sneaking up the soft gait of Morpheus, the sweet half-nap was disturbed by the fact that because of the roof of a neighbor a strange flying man appeared an object in the form of a huge luminous boomerang. For a moment the man thought it was a plane, but the UFO looked a little like modern airplane. Moreover, he moved completely silently: the American the window was opened, and the mysterious device flew very low, on no more than ten meters high – the roar of a running engine would be heard anyway. And here – not a sound, or rather, not a single disturbances in the sound harmony of the February night – the clock was without a quarter to two.

The American admits that he was both shocked and scared by the appearance of this UFO, so did not even guess to take off what is happening on the smartphone: after all, he watched a passing object, by at least thirty seconds, and even more than that – he flew with at a speed of about thirty kilometers per hour, practically low floated over the buildings. And then a luminous boomerang – that creepy ghost nights – just disappeared behind the roof of the house.

A photo from open sources

After analyzing what was happening, the American concluded that this is clearly not a plane, and therefore the next day sent to the World UFO network (MUFON) your story about a meeting with a UFO and a drawing in which depicted how this strange object differs from the earthly apparatus (see photo). In the commentary on the drawing, the American also admits that he did not remember the mobile phone lying on bedside chair: it felt like its just hypnotized. By the way, such a shock “hypnosis”, they say ufologists, experienced by almost all people, for the first time Encountered with UFOs or aliens. For this reason on the internet so few good photo and video materials about aliens. Fort Erie may be right: the aliens are somehow capture the curiosity of people and neutralize their consciousness, introducing into a certain stupor. It could be worse…

Something mysterious flew over Tasmania

But over the Tasmanian city of Sorell on the same morning – February 28 – flew something burning, very similar to either burning in Earth’s atmosphere, a comet, either a crashed UFO, or a falling one with heaven is a mysterious entity, such as a fairy. At least this is what the resident of the town, Lee Ann Peters, described. She managed to remove an incomprehensible heavenly effect on the video (see below) and then post it on a social network.

The regulars of the Internet, eager for such sensations, right there split, especially when an Airservices Australia representative skeptically stated that this is an ordinary plane that is highlighted burning in the sun’s condensation trail.

This version was immediately criticized: firstly, it was clearly far-fetched, and secondly, came from officials who, like given is already known to every sane person, nothing intelligible, except as pseudo-scientific theories, they never give out. Well, what can you expect from the government, exclaim the outraged users.

But this is not a meteorite, said experienced physicist Tasmanian John Dickey University and astronomer Chris Arkle of Launceston Planetarium, for a meteorite, the object moves too slowly. Can It would be assumed that this is a cloud of unusual shape, but again speed hinders: the cloud is too big and focused.

From here, ufologists conclude, it’s just a UFO. Not necessary alien apparatus, but the object is unidentified and also clearly flying through the sky …


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