The merger of two UFOs – the rarest video

It seems that modern ufologists cannot be surprised by anything –
thanks to the Internet, they have so many known all sorts of UFOs and
all sorts of situations alien plan that this would be enough for
whole photo and video fans, not to mention endless comments
to these testimonies.

However, the video that was filmed on May 19 of this year in the sky
the Polish city of Gembice, excited researchers aliens and
their fantastic flying saucer.

This time the aircraft, of unknown origin, not
shared in the sky, as often happens with a UFO, and vice versa – merged.
And this new manifestation of the “flying plates” made ufologists
make the most incredible assumptions:

  • first: these are military maneuvers of some secret aircraft
    devices, but here the logical question arises: why in
    Poland, someone began to experience or demonstrate this know-how;
  • second: these are scientific experiments, but in this case, again
    all “spoils” Poland, which is no different neither the great military nor
    the more scientific potential to show such a miracle to the whole
    the world, another thing, if it were Russia;
  • third: aliens who, apparently, are capable of and not like that.
    It is not clear just why they are literally lately.
    excel in demonstrating apparatus of various forms and

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