Three mysterious encounters with an alien

This exciting story told by a Russian resident
the city of Orel by Mikhail Zybunovsky, started a long time ago, in 1947
year Then Misha was only seven years old.

… Late in the evening, he and his five-year-old sister sat in their backyard.
on a pile of soft sawdust and discussed scary stories about brownies and
witches heard from adults and first of all from grandmothers.
The more creepy details the children recalled, the worse they were.
was becoming. Already imagined a witch who flew on a broomstick and
now she was hiding behind the chimney … And sighs came from the hen house
and the panting of the grandfather-brownie …

Finally, fear overcame, and the children rushed to the hut with a bullet. Soon
they were already going to bed. Misha and his sister had one bed
in which they slept with a jack.

First meeting

… At night, the boy woke up because someone was pretty
Sensibly pushed him to the side. Opening his eyes, Misha saw him
the soldier seemed huge and dressed in all green.
The head of the “soldier” was covered with a cap, and from him came a quiet
orange glow.

Gasping in horror, Misha jumped out of bed and rushed to
maternal bed. He jerked under the blanket, shut his eyes. Mama
woke up and, seeing the “soldier”, was stunned.

– Who you are? She asked in a trembling voice. – What do you want?
need to?..

He did not answer, continuing to stand over the children’s bed.
With a loud sigh, Mom rushed there, grabbed a sleeping daughter in her arms and
ran it to her. The girl was hidden under a patchwork quilt,
and Misha dived under another blanket lying next to him. He covered himself with his head,
however, despite the strong fright, he left a small crack to

Slightly regaining consciousness, my mother again timidly asked a stranger:

– Who are you? How did you get in here?

The uninvited guest sighed heavily and then suddenly dissolved into
the air. And at the same moment outside the window flashes of fire were sweeping – first
in the distance, then quickly approached, and now in the courtyard,
literally under the window, flames raged. Misha and mom wept together
deciding that now they will burn … However, the “fire” subsided as quickly,
how it started

The next morning in the yard was not the slightest traces of conflagration. Yard
was empty and clean.

Second meeting

The next encounter with the same “soldier” occurred when
Misha was fourteen years old. In early autumn, he stayed in the village
Platonovo in Orlovschine and one evening decided to secretly go and see in
kolkhoz garden for already ripe apples.

Not far from the garden, on a high and rocky river bank, stood
abandoned church. Fascinated by business, Misha did not immediately notice how
from the church ruins in the direction of the garden in the sky moves big
cigar-shaped object with a lot of bright lights on the body.

Seeing this, the teenager gasped and hid behind the bushes in fear.
He was shaking, cold sweat was streaming down from his forehead … For a second, Misha
blinked, wiping his face, and when he opened his eyes, he towered over him
already familiar “green soldier”, has not changed in the past
seven years…

Misha frantically screamed – and his “familiar stranger” disappeared, and
cigar-shaped celestial object slowly flew away …

Third meeting

There was another meeting of Michael with a mysterious creature, there was
she was a quarter of a century ago when a man came to visit his
friend in the village Shablykino. More precisely, did not get a bit …
The passing car drove Michael along the highway to the place where he was from
branch road leading to Shablykin was branched off. Go to the village you need
It was not less than an hour.

The evening was coming, the stars appeared in the sky. Suddenly on the horizon
the man saw a spherical luminous layering. Child fear
it would seem, long forgotten, again covered him with a cold wave.
Mikhail looked around in a panic: this time there was no place to hide.
Around – fields with sticking out stubble, and only in the distance are seen
straw hacks …

Glowing education, rapidly approaching, took shape in
huge ball and hung over Michael. On board the UFO were
round portholes, one of them looked at someone’s flat
faces. And here, beside Michael, he reared up, as if he had arisen from the ground,
his “personal monster” is a giant in green attire and a cap flickering
in orange …

For a while, a man and an alien, frozen, studied one
other. And a surprising thing, the fear that tormented Michael, unexpectedly
retreated. The man quietly sat down on a boulder on the side of the road, and
began to examine the object hovering above it. Then translated
look at his “counterpart” and finally saw him properly.

It turned out that earlier Mikhail was mistaken in taking the clothes of this
creatures for soldier uniforms. The newcomer was dressed in green
overalls, vaguely similar to the suit of chemical protection. Overalls
sparsely penetrated phosphoric filaments that were poured
dead green light. The cap, as it turned out, did not cover his face
and resembled an oval hood, tightly stretched over his head.

The face, fleshy, bluish, looked definitely unearthly:
flattened nose, under his tiny mouth, or rather, deprived of lips
narrow slit. The hands of the alien were, by human standards,
disproportionately long. In them, he squeezed some thing
aimed at Michael …

When an alien, with his characteristic lightning, disappeared and his
the ship disappeared in a matter of seconds, the man awoke from
of their strange daze and, once again feeling the fear and even
horror, rushed towards the village …


Since then, Mikhail Zybunovsky has not seen his “cosmic
friend, ”to which he was very pleased, rightly believing that the three
meeting with him is enough. That’s just a mystery for men so
and the following remains: why did the alien appear to him and why did he
chose Michael for such strange contacts? No ufologist,
to which a resident of the Eagle addressed, was unable to explain to him this

We told you only about one person’s contact with aliens,
even the most strange, almost mystical, and such, it seems,
far from random, there are thousands of meetings on Earth. Unfortunately, many
Witnesses of such “miracles” are afraid to talk about them. Luckily,
such intimidated by superstition and materialistic propaganda of people
getting smaller and smaller …

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