Three strange light anomalies in the sky

Mysterious photos and
video footage received by an anonymous person on April 18 approximately
around 7 pm Alas, the place where the witness watched
amazing anomalies, also remains unknown (presumably
London). Experts describe the event that occurred
presumably like the three plasma balls that manifested
at the same time in the evening sky.

Mysterious photo and video demonstrates how to
a large source of light flashes out of the ground, consisting of three
spherical fragments. The author clarifies that this anomaly he
observed in the form of periodic pulsars. Every time unidentified
the flying object flashed, then disappeared from sight again.

As ufologists clarify, the whole picture continued, judging by
the story of an eyewitness, is relatively long, and because a witness is so
unusual lights just tired of watching a UFO, after which he left
home. A man does not undertake to say that it is certainly about
an alien aircraft or some cosmic phenomenon,
however, he believes that it was definitely SOMETHING, beyond the
framework of the ordinary. And therefore, perhaps, someone will interest …

We also offer you to watch excerpts of the best videos,
made in the past and already this year, which depicted

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