Today UFOs are a sensation only for themselves witnesses

Today UFOs are a sensation only for the witnesses themselvesPhoto from open sources

Despite the fact that all UFO videos appear on the web more, and some of them deserve the attention of scientists, NASA experts do not react to this in any way. As explained space agency astronaut Drew Fostel, it’s useless since it’s impossible to convince anyone of anything, besides such explanations only incite interest in people, sometimes even in cases, not worth the slightest attention.

UFO near the international space station

Of course, this object (see video) lazily revolving around its axis and not even trying to hide from the lens of the ISS camera, hard to call an alien ship. Most likely agreed most internet users that it is space junk. However, it is surprising that this “garbage” is too big and its resembles a “black prince” – an alien ship, first seen in Earth orbit in 1958.

Note that the ISS cameras often record unidentified flying objects, many of which ufologists identify as alien ships. NASA employees, however, tend to monitor so that such personnel do not become available to the general public public, and therefore immediately turn off the camera as soon as she gets something suspicious. Amazing how they blinked this UFO video, allowing it to become widespread to the public?

UFO over a mexican city

Recently, another fantastic aircraft was shot on amateur cam in mexico In the video, despite all his low quality, you can see how flying over the city round-shaped apparatus, more reminiscent of a classic plate aliens. At some point, the landing detaches from it and leaves up and left. The “plate” itself continues to hang over the buildings almost motionless.

Of course, we can assume that this is some kind of earthly the aircraft, however, according to the author of the video, he for some reason hangs without any sound, which is not typical for modern air equipment, and no spinning blades it is seen. Even if we assume that such aircraft appeared at the military, what should they do over the Mexican city? Not is it more reasonable to consider that this is an alien apparatus, the author notes? Moreover, for the witnesses of his flight – it has become certain sensation …


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