TV host blinked like a reptile

Viewers recently watched “From Atheist to Holiness” on
Internet TV “AllatRa TV”, made a startling discovery.
At a certain point, the host named Tatiana blinked,
like a reptile! Is there really a blink in the eyes of a woman?
like a creeping thing?

Information about the incident lightning spread overseas and
domestic sites dedicated to ufology and supernatural
phenomena. Many users of the World Wide Web have no doubt that
we are not a human, but an alien reptiloid. If faith
easy to use to control people then why be secret
invaders from another planet do not engage on Earth exactly
propaganda of religiosity?

Commentators remembered the fantastic thriller “Aliens among us”,
narrating that aliens have long been inhabiting our
�”Blue ball”, pretending to be people and turning their own
�”Dark deeds” – carrying out colonial plans. It turns out
the work of john carpenter, shot in 1988, turned
prophetic? Or in front of us a fancy shooting artifact? Maybe
just a harmless joke of the creators of the transfer?

What do you think? Is it worth anything to us after this incident?
fear? Or everything is already predetermined by the Most High, as they preach
religious figures? ..

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